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Professional Partners

Sunday 19 January 2020

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Below are direct links to the websites of our associative and institutional partners.
This section is regularly updated. However, the listed websites may change rather quickly.
In case of error or comment please contact the International Gisela Pankow Association.

IMEC : http://www.imec-archives.com/fonds/...
Institute for Contemporary Publishing Archives
Created in 1988 by researchers and publishing professionals in the field, IMEC assembles, gathers and showcases the archives of research studies belonging to the main publishing houses and journals. It represents the interests of the different protagonists in the publishing world: publishers, writers, artists, researchers, critics, graphical designers, librarians, press and journal editors, literary agents, journalists, literary directors…

IMEC was founded with a view to preserving corporate, institutional and private archives and guarantees the preservation and promotion of the first collection of private contemporary archives in France. IMEC provides access to a large cultural and private heritage as a source for researchers of public and scientific interest. Part of the mission of IMEC is to serve as mediator between the research community and copy-wright owners and private depositors.

Psychanalyse in situ: http//www.psychanalyse-in-situ.com/
Since 1997 this website sustains debate and thinking on the pertinence and efficiency of psychoanalysis today.

Société de Psychanalyse Freudienne (SPP) : www.spp.asso.fr/
Its aim is to work on the teaching of psychoanalytic theory and practice as well as to ponder on the aptitude criteria for analysts. Training and research development for psychoanalysts are also considered.

Clinique de la Borde : http://cliniquedelaborde.com
Clinique de la Borde at Cour Cheverny, where Institutional Psychotherapy was founded back in 1953; crucible for intellectual effervescence in the 1960s at the crossroads of Lacanian and madness-libertarian approaches.

Association française des psychiatres d’exercice privé et Syndicat National des Psychiatres Privés :
The French Association of Psychiatrists Private Practitioners (A.F.P.E.P.)
Founded in July 1970, it fosters theoretical-practical pluridisciplinary research on Psychiatry. Its aim, its exercise and its limitations are based on private practice case study.

Scientific Society of the World Psychiatry Association (W.P.A.) :
Affiliated to the UNAFORMEC as a training organization, A.F.P.E.P. promotes different frameworks at national and decentralized levels, aimed at and approved by psychiatrists in private practice. It is enlarged by the participation of nation-wide and internationally relayed clinical practitioners, researchers and experts in theories of the mind, all approaches included.
The A.F.P.E.P. through its theoretical research activity embodies the actions of the National Private Psychiatrists’ Union (S.N.P.P.), founded in 1974.

Portail de la Psychanalyse Francophone: http://www.oedipe.org
This website is a platform for exchange of information on Freudian psychoanalysis, open to professionals and non-professionals who wish to obtain information and exchange ideas and propositions on psychoanalytical topics.
It is an open publication space, where each contributor is responsible for his or her own paper. The aim of the website is to function as a network rather than constitute an association as such.