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On the Risks of the « we say » and Other Thoughts :

dimanche 19 janvier 2020

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An analytical approach to the other’s speech

Prefaced by Jean Oury
Editions Campagne-Première
2006 (posthumous work)

To expose the cracks, the gaps, the breaches in existence and in daily life through literature : this is what Gisela Pankow set out to do, and succeeded, in her last book. Contemporary literature is a rich source of description and comprehension of the forces which violate psychic integrity.

In a previous book, “Man and his living space” (1986) Gisela Pankow explained :
My work doesn’t concern the metabolism of the possessing (having) in literature ; I’d rather take the poets’ speech at its face value in order to refer it to a status of existence”.

This psychoanalyst reveals through the characters, as she did in her clinical practice, the faults in the family structure and in the body image of the suffering person.

A presentation by Jean Oury, some biographic comments by Marie-Lise Lacas
and a bibliography organised by Gisela Pankow finalize this work.